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March 04, 2017

Don’t you love it when you give gifts to your children? It is indeed a joy to see their toothy grins and glowing faces. Writing letters to your kids is a cordial way to let them know that they are loved and praised by their parents.

You want them to know you can write too right? This is just another way to show them that you went to school just like they are and that with education you have learned something and you can do something with it that is very special. What is more special than touching their heart with your kindness and devotion?

When you actually take the time to sit down and write a letter to them, you are showing them how much you value them. It also lets them know how vital the communication really is.

Children love receiving mail, especially when it is addressed to them. Why wait for special occasions when they are already expecting letters and greeting cards – why not make an ordinary day special by sending them a real greeting card? Here are some of the reasons to send greeting cards to your kids

1. Your kid got an “A”

Acing a test is definitely not an easy task. Show your kids how much you appreciate their efforts by sending a ‘Well Done’ greeting card to them. They worked hard, they should feel appreciated about that!

2. When you are away

As working adults, you may have to travel to different cities for days at a time. Send a ‘miss you’ card to your kids telling them that you are actually thinking about them all the time.

3. Because you love them

Send them a greeting card when you are overwhelmed by your love for them. Do you need any other reason?

4. Reward their good behaviors

Mail a ‘Thank You’ card to them whenever they complete their chores on time and help with dinner preparation.

5. Remind them that they are special

Send them a ‘You’re Special’ card because every child deserves to be reminded of this fact, and you cannot do this too often. But you do not want to overdo it since you do not want them to become spoiled.

6. Celebrate your memories

Remind them of a time when you had lots of fun together. It could be when you went on vacation or even a fun grocery shopping trip.

7. Thank them

Say thanks to them for being such a good son or daughter and how life would be incomplete without them.

8. On special occasions

Whether it is their birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Thanksgiving, send them a card to make them feel extra special.

9. When they helped someone in need

Sending them cards when they help someone in need will serve as positive reinforcement.

10. When they were well-mannered

If they were well-behaved in a situation, encourage their behavior by sending them a greeting card.

At https://www.MemoryTag.cards, you can personalize your greeting cards with photos and videos before mailing it. Imagine how the kids will feel when they receive a greeting card with their pictures and videos stored on it! Hey, you know how to use technology too!

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Author:  Benjamin Roussey


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