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December 11, 2017

We all know a friend who is going through hard times for one reason or another and sometimes if you send them a greeting card telling them how much you appreciate them it can make all the difference in the world—to a person with problems.

Here is another unconventional use for a MemoryTag greeting card, MemoryTag, the card company that pioneered the bizarre and the different when it comes to greeting cards. You know, instead of the old boring high priced cards you buy at the grocery store that do nothing except say Happy Birthday or Get Well or Congratulations.

Instead, MemoryTag has cards that for example read, “Thanks for being such a little sh’t.”


Now where you gonna find a grocery-store card that says that?

At a fraction the cost of store-bought cards these cards have video capability too. Using your smartphone you can place your own video message on a card that individualizes it in a way no other card could.

We all have problems, some of us more than others. But when life closes in on you and it seems to be too much, a simple card that can brighten your day and maybe make you laugh can mean a lot.

I’m a believer in Murphy’s Law. Murphy was a gloomy Irish guy who believed that anything that can go wrong sooner or later will and no I don’t believe I’m a pessimist, just a realist.

Let’s say you have a friend who has had their troubles because they suffer from schizophrenia, and I don’t want this misconstrued that I’m making light of someone’s mental condition. But using my pro and con method, you can tell a friend who is suffering from some condition that their troubles maybe have a good side too and they just haven’t realized it.

First of all, if you’re schizophrenic, you suffer from delusions that everybody is out to get you. Believe you me, if you believe this you’re partly right——everybody (almost) is out to get you. Your wife, your boss,the DMV, phone marketers, dishonest politicians, the list is almost endless.

So why do you think you’re crazy when it’s just the truth? What if nobody cared like you don’t exist? Having people out to get you at least makes life more interesting.

Another symptom of schizophrenia is that you have delusions of grandeur; you think you’re more important than anyone else. What’s wrong about this? Ask Trump the president. He doesn’t think he’s important? Rather than an illness this is more like plain common sense. If you’re not important to you who is?

You’re the only one in the world who is you. That’s pretty important. I’ll tell you that with a MemoryTag thank you card.

Finally, schizos have difficulty understanding. They have poor concentration, poor memory, difficulty expressing thoughts, difficulty integrating thoughts, feelings, and behavior. C’mon! How bad can this be? Our entire United States Congress acts this way. They got elected, didn’t they? That’s all that matters.

Let’s talk about being compulsive-obsessive. This means for example you have to constantly wash your hands over and over because you have an unreasonable fear of germs. Okay, I could tell you in a MemoryTag card, you’re a very clean person in fact you’re the cleanest person I know.

Let me get this straight. Your fear of germs is unreasonable? Who isn’t afraid of germs? You’re not crazy. The guy who isn’t afraid of germs is the crazy one. You’re just intelligent. I’ll tell you so in a card.

What about disassociation obsessions? This is where your personality splits into two and becomes another (second) personality independent of the first personality. In other words your co-workers behind your back call you a “Jekyll and Hyde.”

Is this bad? I could tell you in a card that you need to feel no shame or regret you are simply a “Multi-faceted” person and be happy and thankful because those kind of people are the most interesting. The writer Truman Capote said “I’m an alcoholic, I’m a drug addict, I’m a homosexual—-I’m a genius.”

You get the idea.

Of course this look-on-the-sunny-side-of-things or pro and con theory could be overdone. You wouldn’t send an arsonist a card and say they have a way with fire, or call a kleptomaniac an “Avid shopper.”

But if you have a friend who is going through hard times you can cheer them up with a MemoryTag card that praises them for their uniqueness.


MemoryTag is the card that says just about everything from happy birthday to get well cards, graduation cards, Mother’s and Father’s Day cards, sympathy cards, weddings, anniversary cards, funny cards, weird cards,Valentine’s Day cards, thank you cards, and cards that say things you’ve never heard of before.

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