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December 04, 2017 1 Comment

We all know a greeting card can be used to cheer someone up, for example, a get well card, but just like MemoryTag has expanded the uses for cards into hundreds of different situations never dreamed of before, greeting cards can also be used to give thanks.
Why not both?
Cheer someone up by giving thanks. Someone who may need cheering up because they have problems, no matter who you are, there is always something to be thankful for.
If you think you have problems you probably do, but I can show you that you have things to be grateful for.
For example, do you know a person who has a persecution complex? You know, a person who thinks the whole world is out to get them.
If you think this way you’re probably right, the world is out to get you. But is that bad? Nooooo! If the world is out to get you, you must be a very important person indeed.
It makes life interesting that everybody is out to get you. What if nobody cared? Is being invisible fun? No way! I can send you a MemoryTag card and cheer you up by pointing this out.
The more important you are, the more people hate you. Just ask Trump. He’ll tell you.
Are you a hypochondriac? That means a person who always imagines that he is sick.
You always imagine that you feel lousy and beads of sweat break out all over your forehead because you think you’re at death’s door. I can send you a MemoryTag card that says “Count your blessings, because you think you’re sick even though you’re really not, people who think you’re really sick will do things for you because they think you’re ill, like, “Make dinner for me….I’m sick!
Take out the garbage for me…I’m sick! Feel sorry for me, I’m sick! I’d do things for myself but I can’t because I think I’m sick!”
You could get away with this for months getting people to do things for you. Until they catch on and get sick of you.
Do you know a person who has delusions of grandeur? That’s a person who feels they’re better than everyone else and who feels they are special and who is not supposed to feel this way even though the Kidde TV show host Mister Rogers told you on television for years that you were the only one like you (Rogers doesn’t do this anymore he’s dead).
I will send you a MemoryTag card that says, “What’s wrong with feeling superior to everyone else?”
Nothing is wrong with that, that’s what!
It’s okay for Brad Pitt to feel special and Paul McCartney to feel special and Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune……but not you?
You’re supposed to be happy with being nobody.
You feel special that’s your right.”
Do you know a person who lives in their own world, hears or sees things others can’t hear or see, or who doesn’t seem to understand the mindless banter of other people?
This is a person who has been put down and called “Stupid,” or as the mocking phrase used to said by mockers, “The lights are on but nobody is home” (in other words you’re retarded).
I’ll send you a MemoryTag card that says “Watch out, you might in fact be God and you don’t even know it?” You exist in a different dimension. What if you’re God and don’t yet know it? You can go up to your abusive boss and say, “Better watch out clown, just keep up your sh’t. I’m going to fry your ass with a lightning bolt.”
Everyone can use a little encouragement in their time of need and a MemoryTag card can do that.
Finally, there are the slow learners, the idiot savants, the dyslexic people who others often put down because they don’t understand the hidden genius such people often have. Do you know someone like this, a person who has poor concentration, poor memory, or difficulty expressing thoughts, difficulty integrating feelings and behavior?
How bad can this be? Our entire Congress acts that way.
Send that person a MemoryTag card and tell them they are who they are for a reason and not to let others get them down.
What if you’re a male transgender Amazon?
In that case I would send you a card that says be proud “Variety is the spice of life.”
MemoryTag is the card that says just about everything from happy birthday to get well cards, graduation cards, Mother’s and Father’s Day cards, sympathy cards, weddings, anniversary cards, funny cards, weird cards, Valentine’s Day cards, thank you cards, all of them a fraction of the cost of a store-bought card and all with video message capability.     https://memorytag.cards/

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