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May 08, 2017


Robert Beadles


MemoryTag Greeting Cards


Christmas shopping and gifts now you say?

Well it may seem early for Christmas gift ideas but some people are super hard to shop for and some gifts take a minute to make or get.

Moms are the tough ones right? They seem to always know what to get us but what do we get them?

I find that when I'm Christmas shopping for my Mom I try to get her things that are experience based. It's easy to buy the coolest Christmas gadget at the local mall or on Amazon but will it be good enough? Probably not.

Trending Christmas gifts are easy and cliche but thats what lazy people do, not us, so why not expand your ideas to things that would actually matter to her?

Mom worked hard raising us and deserves to be rewarded. Why not send her to the spa versus some silly Christmas gift she'll pretend to like then bury in the closet or drawer when you leave?

For example, in the Sacramento area there is a place called Wine and Roses and for as little as a hundred bucks she'll be pampered, massaged and waited on hand and foot. A true day she will remember forever and you as her favorite child for sure. Make sure and go with her so she'll have a spa buddy and memorable Christmas gift with her favorite child too :-)

Remember, don't give her a lame traditional Christmas greeting card! Give her the spa gift card in a MemoryTag Christmas card. This way you stand out with a witty awesome video greeting card that you can even put a photo or video in!

For Dad, he can be equally as hard to shop for.

However, rather than finding for the perfect Christmas gift or Christmas Gift ideas ranked high on Amazon that everyone else will be buying, why not go experienced based yet again?

Most Dads appreciate cool tools and gadgets for Christmas gifts but most would rather just spend time with their kid. Especially if you've moved out and there never seems to be the time to catchup and hangout. Now you can.

If your Dad loves sports, buy 2 tickets, one for him and one for you. Take him to the game! He'll have a blast just hanging with his kid and the game is a plus. If he's not into sports maybe a concert? If he's not into any of that maybe a small day trip fishing out of the local or nearest marina or lake?

Or....if you think a day out with Dad might be too much for him or you to handle :-) Checkout Walt Disney's Store they have these super cool family crest, family history, coat of arms framed awesomeness things he might just love? They take a hot minute to make so order now versus waiting till December. They'll never be done in time unless you order way ahead of time.

Remember though, Christmas gifting doesn't have to be physical gifts anymore. It can be experience based, something either parent will remember for years to come. Unlike that ugly Christmas sweater you got them last year :-)

Don't forget, always make sure to use a MemoryTag Christmas Greeting Card so you can add your own video or photo right to the card and really give them a Christmas card they will remember. Its the only video greeting card in existence and less than 5 bucks too!

Lastly don't forget the Christmas wrapping paper:

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