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May 11, 2017



Robert Beadles

Being such a HUGE fan of the first Guardians Of The Galaxy I drug the whole family out to see Volume 2.

As we sat down in our newly remodeled theater, comfy in our recliner, Baby Groot had us rolling rocking his dance moves through the intro to the movie. 

The fight scene happening all around Baby Groot was awesome, the humor throughout the whole movie was to my taste to a tee.

As we enjoyed the movie there was a great balance of humor, action and background into Star Lord's past. It was a great flick but I still think volume one was better.

Loving Guardians Of the Galaxy sooooo much I had to hear your thoughts on the flick too!

What was your favorite part of the film????

Which Volume did you like better????

Who is your favorite character: Baby Groot, Star Lord, Drax, Gamora, Star Lord or my favorite.....Rocket?

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