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March 06, 2017

Here’s a question for all the men out there – do you associate the word ‘kicka$$’ with greeting cards? Don’t be worried if your answer is a resounding “No” because chutzpah and wit are not what cards have traditionally been known for.

Although nine out of ten people love receiving personal greeting cards, another fact is that 80 percent of all greeting card purchases are made by women. Perhaps that is because the technology-smitten men of today do not quite relate to the boring, age-old messages on the average greeting card. But thankfully, things they are a'changing, and we have options now!

So the next time you wish to woo your lady love, make grandma smile, or wish a friend in a not-so-conventional manner, MemoryTag should be your pick. Here’s why:

  • Breezy shopping process

There is really no denying it— most men are a part of the lazy tribe, particularly when it comes to things like picking out gifts or buying cards during the holiday season. When you factor in the number of hours that it takes to drive down to the store, stand, and browse through aisles of the same old patterns while a salesperson hovers around you, giving a card just does not seem worthwhile.

But with these cards, all you need to do is browse through the collection on your PC or phone, pick out one, and place an order. It will reach you within a few days – easy-peasy!

  • No more settling for lame, sappy cards

A major reason why men do not send cards anymore is that the cards you see seem to have remained the same through the decades. Seriously, who even uses words like “Season’s Greetings” anymore? At the same time, one cannot overlook the magic of a tangible paper card. But our cards put a whole new wacky twist on things that will have you reaching for one for every occasion.

If a buddy has a baby on the way, congratulate him with this Shit Just Got Real card. Or consider something like this to let your lady know how important she is, minus the usual mushy, mass-produced verses. You can also add your own bit to it with a personal video sticker or have it mailed straight to someone with a handwritten message.

  • Makes you look good

Say what you will, an e-card simply does not do the job of a personal-style paper card. A fun card from MemoryTag gives you just that, with an added digital personalized option that is just the perfect blend of old and new.

It also makes you appear like someone who put in a lot of effort and thought into a card (just what the ladies love), but all you actually had to do was have a fun time scrolling through the many funny options and pick one—now isn’t that killing two birds with one stone?

Old-school gentlemanly charm mixed with digital-age quirk—that’s the perfect recipe to win over the ladies, and MemoryTag cards let you do exactly that. Experience new-age greeting card shopping and save money, time, and effort while also sending out fun, personalized cards that say stuff just the way you would. Happy reactions from the recipient guaranteed!


Author:  Benjamin Roussey

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