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March 01, 2017

Let me ask you a question. How many times each year do you receive printed greeting cards from business associates, families, friends, doctors, dentists, newspaper delivery men, insurance agents, sales agents, and everyone else? All are mass-produced cards that likely have the same boring greeting. Sometimes, you can’t even decipher the handwriting inside the card. MemoryTag, however, is changing the whole greeting card business in a whole bunch of exciting new ways like the following:

  • Card Purchasing. Deciding to purchase a traditional greeting card normally follows this decision: decide to part with your hard earned cash for an expensive card, drive to the store, spend hours looking among cards that aren’t that funny or exciting and all bear similar generic messages. MemoryTag has greatly simplified the entire card purchase process. No more digging through card aisles, with MemoryTag you can buy online and get the card mailed directly to your front door. It really is that simple.

  • Be Memorable. When you receive traditional greeting cards, do you even remember who gave you the card in the first place? Does a holiday card ever say anything interesting or change your opinion about somebody? How many times do you want to read a generic holiday card with a boring holiday picture on the front and an inside that simply says “Happy Holiday from (whoever)”. Do you really want to leave the impression with personal and business relationships that you’ve decided to send them a piece of junk mail to commemorate the holiday? MemoryTag’s cards lets you pick a truly unique card to send so that you can make sure the recipient will forever remember the occasion and receiving your card.

  • Traditional Cards Are Lazy. Special note should be taken about why MemoryTag beats e-cards. E-cards are easy to send, impersonal, and do not create a lasting sentiment. MemoryTag Card allow an individual to create a really unique and vivid image that will long remain in the reader’s mind by leaving cards with attached videos or even gifts card where an individual can say exactly what they intend. Because it’s simply too easy to just “Happy Holidays” to everyone, with MemoryTag you can say exactly what you mean.

The truth of the matter is this: traditional greeting cards are too lazy for individuals. You cannot send mass-produced greeting cards without memorable images and expect any type of response or any type of memory to be created in the mind of the reader. By sending a MemoryTag card, the recipient will end up thinking:

  • What a memorable and unique way to communicate. I love it.

  • This card is funny. And funny in exactly my type of funny.

  • I am honored that I received a personalized video message.

  • This is the most original and thoughtful card I’ve ever received.

MemoryTag cards are the wave of the future and hard to resist. If you're already spending the time and money on boring traditional greeting cards, why not shop online, save time, and avoid impersonal card with boring message that will not receive the type of impression you want. Send a MemoryTag card because MemoryTag will make all the difference to the card’s recipient.

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