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February 28, 2017

By John Sammon


Now that the Academy Awards have been held it’s time to recognize outstanding achievement among the numerous videos submitted for MemoryTag Greeting Cards. These videos appear on Youtube and reflect the new explosion of creativity pioneered by MemoryTag, the company that took what had been a boring meaningless statement on a piece of cardboard and made it into a greeting card that comes alive.

By using your smartphone (or pad) you can download the MemoryTag app and record a video message for the recipient of the card, who also downloads the app with a smartphone to play back your recorded message.

The result is a face-to-face greeting card personalized to you and says what you want a card to say about an important person in your life.

Because of this new unlimited creativity, unleashed by your imagination, this first-ever MemoryTag Viral Video Awards ceremony is held, recognizing outstanding artistic achievement in videos and how much more a greeting card can be.

The award for the Best Imitation of an English Actor goes to the gentleman with the askew and wrong- colored bland non-matching tie in the video “What’s a MemoryTag Greeting Card?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF9sekhs9MA

His droll performance is heightened as he tosses an old standard (non-MemoryTag) non-personalized greeting card into a lake where it no doubt will attract more attention from a fish than it would from you if you received it.

The award for Best Supporting Spaced-Out Dude goes to the gentleman in the MemoryTag shirt in “Special Moments with MemoryTag.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNavpRihm_8

This person is evidently from the planet Mongo, a world of his own, sniffing and eating flowers, drinking PCB-laced pond scum, and rubbing trading stamps on his face for cheap thrills. Though the video has to date received only 50 views, it is expected to catch on because of its earnestness, the guy’s genuine love for greeting cards, and the fact he should appeal to that segment of the community who enjoy performing mystical acts of lunacy because perhaps they are off their medication.

The Best Pitchman Award goes to little Ethan Aguila in “Ethan Explains the MemoryTag,” whose brilliant method acting establishes him an articulate spokesman… I mean you gotta love this kid he’s so honest, sincere and charming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrKyrYVrhF8

He says it all in a few words what I couldn’t say in a thousand. Good work Ethan!

Best Demonic Possession in an Office Setting Award goes to the guy in the video “MemoryTag Presents: The Hunger,” who allowed himself to be painted green (the body paint dried and cracked making him frighteningly appear much like a snake, and he wears shorts so we can’t see if he is all green). Because he hasn’t been fed he commits mayhem on office co-workers (something all of us have wanted to do at one time or another). Co-workers perform stunts as realistic as can be expected with nonprofessional-stunt, college-educated professional people.

Best Thrown Punch by a Female Award goes to the hottie in “I Love You More Than Pizza,” given in recognition that this woman is absolutely gorgeous and packs a great right cross (punch). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7yK8unR-lc

Best Comedienne Award in a Punching Doll Sequence goes to redhead Katie for her dramatic and believable portrayal as a products tester in “Baby Punching for Profit,” and also in recognition that this video has achieved an astounding 185,000 visits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEyllR2djE4

Viewers who complained they were disturbed by the doll punching don’t seem to understand that if you don’t test the doll for durability, it will likely break apart and some poor toddler will eat parts of it.

MemoryTag is the greeting card company that made personalized video and photo greeting cards funny, poignant, loving and more, all the emotions the old traditional cards could not and do not express. For more information go to https://memorytag.cards/

Author: John Sammon

Contact Phone - 831-915-6614

Website URL - http://sammonsays.com/


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