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December 11, 2017

They say money can’t buy love. That’s a weird saying. I figured I should try. 

If you knew a way you could improve your relationships with your loved ones for under $5,
wouldn’t it be worth it?

Consider it a social experiment. If a small gift, a kind gesture makes the people around you happy,
why not do it? 

As the great Chief Tecumseh said, “Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide.”

The Law of Reciprocity shows us that if you do something nice for someone, however small, they will feel more inclined to care for you and return the favor. 

Anyway, I decided it was worth a shot, and found these really cool personalized greeting cards online called  MemoryTag.


This company makes really funny greeting cards, but with a twist.

Their  MemoryTag sticker technology allows you to record a personalized video for the person you’re sending the card to, and play it back on the card with their smartphone. It’s like a greeting card with a built-in video. They send it to the recipient for you as well.


I don’t know if Hallmark or American Greetings are doing anything like this, I know every time I go to Walmart or Target or Walgreens I can never seem to find a card that actually fits the situation. Definitely not as funny as the ones I’ve seen from  MemoryTag, and definitely not very funny at all, though sometimes you can find a golden one (if you look long enough.)


Times are changing when you can buy a card and play a video on it. Remember when cards that played music were the latest thing? People loved those. I’m sure a lot of people still love those and buy them all the time. Personally, I hate getting those, because they startle me a little bit every time and are always a little too loud. It’s like you gotta read through the card super quickly just so people in the room don’t have to put up with that loud “Schoolhouse Rock” blaring from a tiny micro speaker. 

Anyway, the video aspect to these   Memorytag  cards is what really takes the cake and puts them ahead of all other cards.


People love getting stuff. It’s amazing how easy it is to brighten someone’s day with such a small gesture. What that does is change their perspective on the kind of person you are; you’re all of a sudden more kind, more generous, more caring, considerate, and friendly. 

I sent one to my mom. $3.99

I sent one to my sister. $3.99

I sent one to two friends. $3.99

I ordered one for a girl I’ve been seeing. $3.99

With $20 I improved five relationships. 

The personalized video thing was the selling point for me. When you can break the fourth wall and enter the gift you’re giving, you can connect with the person in a more genuine, honest way. 
Even if they’re people you see all the time. In fact, it’s especially those people who deserve to get a little anytime gift from you. It’s important to invest in the people who make your life better.


Plus it shows you’re considerate and thoughtful. It shows you care. 

These cards are fantastic, and prove that money CAN actually buy love! Literally!

Okay not literally, these people already probably loved me but still, they probably love me even more. 

For $3.99, you can improve all your relationships too. Just head over to   Memorytag  and check these babies out for yourself.

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