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May 03, 2017

Have you got Mom her Mother's Day Greeting Card Yet?

Many have been too busy! They'll rush off last minute to buy a not so convenient, not so awesome greeting card at the local super market.

Fear not! With a few days to spare MemoryTag can save the day for you with one of our awesome greeting cards.

Checkout our "My first home was great thanks Mom" greeting card. We carefully designed the graphics and text making sure Mom will get a kick out of as well as a memorable card that tops what your siblings would give her.

Seriously, we make these cards based off what we would give our Moms. We do this with each card you find here on our site. They're witty, fun and not traditional...at all.  


Or maybe you think she'll love this one?

Or maybe one of these...

We have more too!

One of our kick@$$ greeting cards is sure to get her squealing with laughter. You can even step it up a notch by adding our patented video technology right to the card.

What do we mean?

It's super simple, you just download our free app, scan the MemoryTag code inside the paper greeting card and add your own personal video or photo in seconds.

It's that easy and lasts forever.

She'll never throw this card away and you'll never settle for traditional greeting cards again.



Welcome to the family!


Take a look below and get started today! Only $2.99 and shipped right to your door asap!


Author: Robert Beadles, CEO MemoryTag Greeting Cards


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