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April 04, 2017


By John Sammon

Have you ever thought of sending your favorite celebrity a greeting card? Why not? They don’t know who you are, but with a MemoryTag video interactive greeting card, you could become the kind of adoring fan a celebrity is likely to remember.

What about Nicole Kidman? Not only is she a fine actress, but she’s also one heck of a good looking lady. Now I’m married and not able to know Ms. Kidman personally, but there’s nothing to stop me from sending her a MemoryTag greeting card just to tell her how much I appreciate her work.

I could write on the card something like, “Dear Ms. Kidman, you don’t know me, but I saw you in that film “Big Little Lies,” and I just wanted to tell you that you are just about the sexiest woman alive, and from Australia to boot with that sexy accent. You just send me into shivers, but don’t tell my wife.”

I could send Nicole this greeting by video. I just download the MemoryTag app, record myself making the greeting with a smartphone and place the video message on a small patch on the card. Of course Nicole would also have to download the MemoryTag app to view the message, but she might, it could happen, if I write on the card what a big fan I am. It could happen.

Just think of it, Nicole Kidman watching me in a film. I would have to go out and buy a new tie.

I would send her our card that reads, “I love Every Bone in Your Body” (don’t tell me wife).

Or how about Mark Cuban, the American billionaire, business investor, author, television personality, philanthropist and all-around good guy? I would tell him, “You know Mark; you’re one of the few billionaires I’ve seen out there who is likeable. I mean you’re a decent Joe, and you’ve got a personality too. I’ve seen a lot of billionaires who act like they’re better just because they have all this money and they parade around and puff themselves up and act the big guy, but not you. You act like a regular human being.”

This would be high praise indeed for anyone.

Or you could send a MemoryTag card to the Houston Astros Baseball team. Record yourself in a video on the card saying something like, “Hey guys; all the best of luck this season. I know you’ve let me down plenty of times in the past, but all is forgiven if you just put your hitting and pitching on a consistent basis and I will expect big things to be happening this October. I know you can do it.”

What baseball team wouldn’t appreciate that?

I would send the team the MemoryTag card that reads, “It’s Always a Good Time to Win.”

MemoryTag gives you the chance to go from being just an anonymous voiceless personage to being a real presence, and to go where no greeting card has gone before, into the living rooms of the rich and famous. You know who they are.

Now they can know who you are, thanks to MemoryTag.

For more information go to https://memorytag.cards/.



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