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October 17, 2017

Send your favorite TV game show star a MemoryTag greeting card.

One of the things I love about the television game show Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune is the moment right after the start of the show where the game show host introduces the contestants asking them a question about some interesting thing they’ve done. Because Alex Trebek the host of Jeopardy, and Pat Sajak the host of Wheel of Fortune, are both television stars, consummate professional broadcasters with glib, smooth, suave, debonair and witty charisma; the contestants, despite their knowledge of trivia, often appear as total nonentities next to the star.

They are limited by time when the host introduces them and asks them a question about something interesting they’ve done in their life, and the short answer and the need for the host to move on to introduce the next contestant to ask them about their experience further trivializes the contestant.Answering the introductory single question makes them seem commonplace, average, a face-less nothing—again when compared to the star (host).

No matter how interesting the short answer is.

Here’s an example:

Alex Trebek – “Our first contestant is John Q. Nobody. Hello John, I heard you had an interesting experience in the desert recently John.Tell us about it.”

John Q. – “Yes Alex, I was in a plane that crashed 300 miles south of Algiers (Africa) and I was the lone survivor along with one other man and we had to hike across 300 miles of desert wasteland and then he died and I was forced to turn to cannibalism. I also had to drink my own urine to survive.”

Alex Trebek – (Turning away dismissively to the next contestant)– “I’m sure you remember that. Thanks for sharing with us, now our next contestant Shirley Commonplace, I heard that you have a special parakeet.”

“Yes Alex, I……….”

In fairness to Alex, Pat Sajak (Wheel of Fortune) does the same thing.

The contestant becomes next to the star an unremarkable dweeb who knows a lot of trivial sh’t, the reason why they made it on the show.

Alex by the way was born in Canada and gets a cushy job in American broadcasting when you or I would not be allowed to immigrate to Canada and get on their television. The reason for this is that Canadians are frightened about the possibility of American culture overwhelming their own after reruns of the old American TV show Dallas became so popular on Canadian television. Just try to get a broadcasting job in Ontario (Canada). They’ll laugh you right out of the studio parking lot.

Give Alex a MemoryTag card where you congratulate Alex for taking advantage of the U.S. in a way you could never do in Canada.   https://memorytag.cards/collections/featured/products/say-it-with-sass-bundle

Sajak on the other hand is at least American…….but he’s vicious. Really mean under the skin. Yeah I know, he often acts like he’s full of fun and jolly and friendly but WOW one time he didn’t like the way the studio audience was reacting to a development in the game and basically told the crowd to get (F word). Another time he didn’t like the answer from one of the contestants who though she answered honestly and to the best of her ability…….apparently to Pat it was……a stupid answer. He showed his disdain, mocking her in a sly way and in front of millions of viewers.

It’s his show boy and if you don’t play it right watch out.

If he had done that to me I would have calmly told him (as a contestant) on-camera “You know Pat, you’re a small man not much larger than your 69-year-old co-host Vanna White, who because of anorexia looks younger. I could flatten you with one punch. You think you’re a big shot, but you’re not to me.“

Instead, send Pat a MemoryTag greeting card. A card that says, “Sometimes You’re a Dick.”   https://memorytag.cards/collections/daily-douche

You take your smartphone and download the MemoryTag app and record a message of yourself and place the video message on the small patch on the card. Then you mail the card to Sajak. First it has to go through the studio mailroom and then security and then his agent and then his publicist and then his attorney and then his masseur and then his public relations man and then his pressman and then his chauffer and then his astrologer…….and it finally reaches Pat.

He downloads the app and opens the card and with his smartphone plays back your video message.

There you are saying, “Thanks for having me on the show Pat, I wish my answers could of pleased you more than they did, but don’t forget Pat, you poop on the pot just the same way like I do.”

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