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February 12, 2017

The Furry Face Behind MemoryTag: Who Is Eppie?

Written by: Kristal Roberts

Email:     kristal.roberts@gmail.com

Twitter:  @RealDealKristal

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Her big, sweet eyes will melt you, her soft wispy curls will enchant you and her diva-like antics will keep you guessing. She’s three-fourths cutie and one-quarter ruthless.

Meet Eppie, a swaggalicious 4-year-old doggyprenuer poodle who is the heart of MemoryTag.

MemoryTag is a greeting card company that marries humorous cards and technology together, allowing consumers to customize their greeting cards with images and videos that can be viewed with a smartphone by scanning the card’s QR code.

Eppie first made her megastar debut in this YouTube video , but there’s plenty more where that came from. You can catch her in other amazing videos and commercials. Or, you may spot her turning heads as she struts her butt down the streets in her hometown of Sacramento, Calif.

Eppie, short for Epinephrine, is the highly energetic mascot and voice of Memory.Tag.

Now you might be asking yourself, “How can a dog be the voice of---anything?”

But it’s true, just ask Robert Beadles.

“[Eppie] paws and rejects bad greeting card designs and licks the one she approves of,” said Beadles, the CEO and founder of MemoryTag.

Her “voice” doesn’t stop there.

“She can talk, just watch her Eppie’s Controversial Message video ,” Beadles said.

Pretty amazing stuff, right?

As far as Beadles and Eppie go, Beadles owns Eppie on paper, but in reality, deciphering who is in control can get a little bit blurry.

“She [Eppie] runs the joint, everyone including her knows it,” Beadles said.

Eppie is not your hang back and wait for instructions kind of mascot.

She’s sassy, makes her presence known and will wear pink shades on her little face if she feels like it (and she has).

Considering the fact that Beadles is Eppie’s dad, it begs the question, “Is a bit of nepotism at play here?”

The answer is yes.

Does Eppie care?

The answer is no.  

Beadles already had the MemoryTag company for a number of years when Eppie barked her way into his life.

“My mom bought her for my wife, but she really took to me and never leaves my side. I take her everywhere,” Beadles said.

As other MemoryTag employees got familiar with Eppie, people started picking up on her star power.

Everyone agreed that Eppie’s persona, which is a bit glamorous, a bit swaggy, and a little bad and boujee, really represented the quirky MemoryTag greeting card company quite well.

Since being crowned as the mascot of the company, Eppie takes her job seriously.

She’s passionate about helping to create unique, funny greeting cards that really resonate with consumers. She also relishes in the fact that her dad owns the business and she pulls the strings.

But at the core, Eppie’s still a soft, sometimes needy, sweetheart.

“She’s a daddy’s girl, a total lap dog and attention sponge that freaks out if she can't see or find me.”

While she’s got a lot of promotional projects on the horizon, when she’s not working she loves to be cuddled and give employee’s support as they power through heavy workloads.

For any inquiring minds that want to know, she’s also single with no pups, fixed and ready to mingle.  

Is her bite as bad as her bark? Get on her bad side and you’ll find out soon enough.

Just kidding not really !

Be sure to look out for Eppie’s latest videos by subscribing to the MemoryTag YouTube channel here


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