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February 19, 2017

In order to fully understand the rapid success of MemoryTag greeting cards, we must take a look behind the scenes at the two men who are vital to the company's success - Robert Beadles and Urijah Faber.

Their partnership began in 2011 through a company called Entrepreneurs Organization where they met and found out they have a lot in common when it comes to the mindset of owning businesses. Today, both of them own several businesses including MemoryTag. Their shared interests not only led them to create a new greeting card franchise, but it has led them to become great friends along the way, "We work out and hangout together as often as I can, he and I are super busy but he always makes time for me. He's the best dude I know and we've become good friends over the years" Beadles said. This type of bond speaks to the type of company that MemoryTag embodies as they pour every ounce they have into the companies they own.

Urijah was vital in striking a licensing deal with UFC to allow MemoryTag to promote them on their greeting cards. Also his world famous gym and team "Alphamale" help promote and adopt the MemoryTag products and technology.

This type of recognition helped MemoryTag take off and is now featured in stores all across the country. Faber even put up a MemoryTag wall at his famous Alphamale Gym in Sacramento according to Beadles, "When celebrities would come in they'd make a MemoryTag video on our stickers then stick it to the wall." 

Beadles and Faber both attribute each other as the reason for the success of MemoryTag. Each has made a huge contribution to the company that has allowed it to succeed. They both focus on different aspects of the company as Robert handles the everyday managerial duties and Urijah helps promote the brand through his other ventures and his success as a UFC fighter.

Simple is key for MemoryTag, first they give all their success to God because without him they would not be where they are today, "I had a vision for the creation, but never could have done it alone." Beadles credits his awesome team (God, then his wife Nicole, Nate, Junior, Troy,  Amanda, Mark, Tom, Jones and Aaron) for helping him on this journey to go from an idea that two fellow entrepreneurs had to having greeting cards in stores all across the country. Family is the most integral part of the company and has allowed the employees to become more than just co-workers, "We hire a bunch of local people that became family, together we really kicked a dent in this dinosaur business called greeting cards." Greeting cards have become obsolete as technology has taken over for the written word.

With giants such as Hallmark and American Greetings standing in the way of becoming a giant in this industry, Beadles hopes that with God and his teams help this is a fight they can win in the long run. MemoryTag has a ton of huge plans coming in the near future that they can't wait to tell the world about so stayed tuned because there is more kickass stuff to come.

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Author: Mathew Quintana

Email: mattxquintana@gmail.com



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