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November 02, 2017

Are greeting cards still popular in the age of social media? Have Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram replaced them? The answer is actually yes they are still popular, and no social media has not replaced them.
In fact, over the past few years greeting cards have become cool once again. People love the personal touch that only greeting cards cards can provide.

Seniors, people over 40, and even millenials enjoy sending and receiving greeting cards as birthday greetings, Christmas cards, or for any reason at all. But the millennials are embracing this traditional form of communication wholeheartedly. There are several innovations in the greeting card industry currently and it has found many takers in the younger generation. Ecards, handmade greetings, pop-up or 3D cards,   video greeting cards, and photo greetings are all popular today.

The best way to show you care

You might post greetings on someone’s Facebook wall, send a WhatsApp message or tweet your happy birthday wishes on Twitter. It is convenient, but it really doesn’t say you care like a personalized greeting card. When you really care for someone, you will spend quite some time scouting for a card with the perfect wordings and artwork. And the receiver is aware of the time and effort spent in choosing an appropriate card.

Giving cards for a wedding anniversary, during an illness, or to say thank you is a great way to express your emotion. Sometimes, you may not be able to vocalize or write down your emotions but cards have a great way of mirroring your exact thoughts.

Going digital with cards

When you gift a card to someone, you really want that person to feel special. The words have to be heartfelt and real, the concepts innovative and the designs unique. If you prefer e-cards you can always go online at 123greetings and send free ecards. Hallmark Cards, the top manufacturer of greeting cards in the US has a range of Hallmark cards for all occasions. Some sites also offer print versions of cards that you can personalize. There are unique e-card sites as well such as Jacquie Lawson cards. It has a collection of animated greetings with lovely artwork and animations that you may not find elsewhere.

Paper cards with a twist–Pop-up/3D/Handmade cards

If you wish to truly impress your loved one with a greeting card, pop-up cards or handcrafted cards are a great way do it. Children especially love 3D cards that use intricate paper sculpture in various pretty designs that pop up when you open it. It could be flowers, cakes, animals or balloons, take your pick! Adults too love a good pop-up card and there are interesting variations such as origami design pop-up cards. Also, if you often struggle to find the right words for the right occasion, printed cards by Emily McDowell will do it for you. Her website has cards for all occasions especially empathy cards with just the right words. These cards are a great way to express your emotions and strengthen relationships.

All kinds of printed cards can be preserved, they are a tangible product. Looking at a greeting card days, months or even years after receiving them evokes a sense of happiness and nostalgia.

Video greeting cards and photo cards

Isn’t it fun to receive a card that combines both a physical form and a digital format? That’s what video greeting cards do. A   video sticker  is scanned by a smartphone to play video messages and you can upload a personal video message that you created for the recipient of the card. Send it to loved ones on their birthday, or for any special occasion. These are interesting video cards that are musical and fun, and work very similar to a QR code that some products or items may have.

Many people of all ages have been using video greeting cards to send their best messages to their friends and family and loved ones, it’s the newest form of greeting card and by nature the coolest one.

Memorytag has a full line of video greeting cards for any occasion, even funny ones for just because.

Something simpler but just as nice is photo greeting cards that you can send with the photo of your choice. It gives a personal touch, and can be sent as birthday greetings, as Christmas cards or for just about any occasion!

Relevant for Millennials

Greeting cards have changed with the times and they reflect the progressive values of the younger generation as well. It mirrors their choices, thoughts, and language.
Millennials have understood the value of these cards in a fast-paced, technology-driven world. It is their way of connecting with others on a personal level and making relationships more meaningful.

Send a greeting card for all the special occasions in life. It’s truly worth it!

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