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20 for $20 Occasions Covered Pack

Never forget a special occasion again!

No more rushing off to the store, thumbing through tons of cards, waiting in lines, paying high prices, wasting so much time!

Our 20 for $20 pack has you covered!

Awesome quality, messages, graphics, unbeatable price!

No lame, corny cards here. You'll always be prepared with these kick@$$ cards! 

$1 per card! You can't beat this deal anywhere!

HURRY while they last, this deal ends soon!


In the bundle:

(10) Birthday Cards

(1)  Anniversary

(4) Any occasion

(2) Congratulations

(2) Thank You

(1) Love



1. Holy Sheep

2. Happy Escape The Womb Day

3. Take It Slow

4. Bill Clinton Cigar Birthday

5. Executive Order Trump Birthday

6. Hillary Clinton How Old You Are

7. Ride You Like Seabiscuit

8. You Are An Asshole

9. Such a Twat

10. Crusty Turd


11. For Fox Sake

12. Just Chicken In

13. Just Hoppin' By...

14. Thanks For Not Completely Sucking


15. Thank You Rabbit



16. Thanks a Bunch


17. Cong-Rats

18. I Bet You're As Happy As

19. Your Smile, Your Smell

20. So... Wanna Get Naked?