Upgrade Your Gifting with MemoryTag


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12 Video Stickers

  • Add custom videos or photos to anything!
  • Use the free App to the photo or videos to these stickers!
  • Anyone who scans a sticker or types in the code on the sticker will see your video!


MemoryTag Stickers are a nifty, new way to add Videos to stuff! Use the free MemoryTag App (available from iTunes or Google Play) to scan a Video Sticker. Once you do, it only takes a minute to upload a video that will play instantly when somebody comes along and scans the sticker with their phone. It's fun, easy, and there's lots of creative ways to use them! Place them on books, gifts, business cards, flyers, project papers, presentations, picture frames, scavenger hunt clues...anywhere, anytime, on anything! Whether you use MemoryTag Video Stickers for Business, Education, or Recreation, there's no better way to take ordinary objects and make them interactive and exciting! For more info, visit us at MemoryTag.cards


Product Dimensions 1.1 x 1.4 inches